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Welcome to the first ever Chatbot Battles!

Ladies and gentlemen, grab your ringside seats and welcome to the first ever series of Chatbot Battles. Let's get ready to rumble!

Chatbot owners from all over the world enter their creations in a knockout league to determine the winner. Each competitor must play each other in a league with the top entrants battling out in a one-on-one dual. Last bot standing wins!

Each match sees both chatbots either being asked the same 5 questions or having a free flowing conversation for 5 minutes. The winner is decided from their responses.

• Deadline to enter your chatbot: 1 June 2012
• League stage from: 11 June 2012 to: 7 July 2012
• Knockout stages start from: 9 July 2012 to: 20 July 2012
• Final result should be announced in July 2012
• Below is the list of chatbots that have entered the Chatbot Battles for 2012

All bots are welcome to enter and test themselves against others, whether they be web based, downloadble, chatroom bots or even Android apps, sorry but we are unable to test iPhone apps - unless you want to send an iPhone along with your entry :-)

Follow the battles as they happen @MitsukuChatbot.

Breaking News!
We now have some money to give away as prizes thanks to generous donations by
Decadent Vapours, ALICE AI Foundation and Daniel Burke. I have also received £75 from Evil Limited for the best 15 minute conversation during the tournament.

• 1st place: $100 + £50
• 2nd place: $70
• 3rd place: $30
• Best 15 minute conversation: £75

The Entries for 2012 Listed in Alphabetical Order
Click on a chatbot name to talk to the entrant.

Chatbot Name




Adam Daniel Burke UK Download
Aici Jan Bogaerts Belgium Web based/Android App
Allmandbot Liam Bell England Web based
Amy Abhishek Bhattacharya India Web based
Artemis Dimitrios Karas Greece Download
Asimov Martin Sondergaard UK Web based
Bildgesmythe Patti Roberts Canada Chatroom
Botsta Alex Lenton England Web based
CallMom A.L.I.C.E. Richard Wallace USA Android App
CallMom Fake Kirk Richard Wallace USA Android App
CallMom Fake Spock Richard Wallace USA Android App
Chatter Robot Tom Joyce USA Web based
Chomsky Peter Lafferty UK Web based
cl0ne Salvatore Moccciaro Italy Web based
Darla Madison Beaumont USA Web based
Davidswinton Jim Koch USA Web based
Elbot Fred Roberts Germany Web based
Eugene Goostman Vladimir Veselov USA Web based
girlFlower Lennart Lopin USA Chatroom
iSyFy Tom Joyce USA Web based
Izar Brian Rigsby USA Web based/Android App
Jabberwacky Rollo Carpenter UK Web based
Jigsaw James Mossop UK Web based
Johnny Robert Denis France Web based
Kyra Chere Evans USA Chatroom
Laybia Cortex USA Web based
Louise Cypher Evil Limited UK Web based
Madame von Scam Thomas Buysens Italy Web based
Philbot Philip Gill England Web based
RiveScript Python Tom Joyce USA Web based
Sage Robert Senna USA Web based
Simon Robby Garner USA Web based
Skynet-AI Ken Hurtubise USA Web based
Susan Vittorio Rossi Italy Web based
Talk-Bot Wendell Cowart USA Web based
Talking Angela Bruce Wilcox USA Android/iOS App
Teo Robert Važan Slovakia Web based
The Professor Peter Lafferty UK Web based
Tutor Ron Lee USA Web based
Ultra Hal Robert Medeksza USA Web based
Zarquon Squelchmama III Sam Joseph UK Web based
Zoe Adeena Mignogna USA Web based