Find Your Colour

Pick from the colour chart:

We invite you to look at our colour chart before choosing your hair colour! It will highlight the subtle differences across the colour spectrum and make it easier to choose the right shade!

  • The Halo

The Halo Hair Clour Chart

  • KoKo

KOKO Synthetic Wig Hair Extension Colour Chart


  • Stranded Stranded Hair Colour Chart 0114

  • Annabelles WigAnnabelle Hair Chart


  • Beauty WorksAnnabelle Hair Chart


Annabelle Hair Chart





*Please note that colours may look slightly different on different computers and phones.

Send Us Your Photo

Struggling to know what colour is the right colour for you? Need to send us a photo? Whether you are struggling to find the right colour for your hair or you just want a second opinion to see if you’ve chosen correctly. Send a couple of pictures and what type of extensions you are looking at! Make sure they are in natural day light so we can get the closest match for you. Email directly to and we will aim to get back to you within 24 hours!